Wij checken regelmatig of evenementen doorgaan of niet of eventueel online plaatsvinden in verband met de coronacrisis. Voor de meest actuele stand van zaken; kijk op de website van het evenement zelf.

Bent u betrokken bij de organisatie van relevante studiedagen, congressen of trainingen over alcohol en alcoholpreventie en staat deze nog niet op de agenda van het Expertisecentrum Alcohol? Stuur dan uw opgave naar, zodat wij de studiedag, congres en/of training op de website kunnen plaatsen.

11th European Society for Prevention Research Conference and Members' Meeting (verplaatst naar 1 juli 2021)

donderdag 1 juli 2021

Vanwege het coronavirus is het congres verplaatst naar 1 juli 2021. Our theme this year is ‘Make prevention science relevant for all: co-production and impact’ and our keynotes and special sessions will focus on reducing the gap between science and practice in prevention, understanding co-production and the role of policy makers, practitioners, communities and researchers to develop efficacious, sustainable and cost-effectiveness prevention interventions in practice.

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23rd International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) Conference

zaterdag 28 augustus 2021 t/m dinsdag 31 augustus 2021

The International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) Conference brings together delegates from the areas of public health and safety, traffic, and transport psychology, public health, law, medicine, economics, law enforcement, public policy, education, pharmacology, toxicology, forensic science, human factors, and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation. De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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EUFASD 2020 Conference (verplaatst naar 12 t/m 15 september 2021)

zondag 12 september 2021 t/m woensdag 15 september 2021

Het congres is verplaatst naar 12 t/m 15 september 2021, meer informatie volgt. Welcome to EUFASD 2020 in the charming town of Arendal in Southern Norway! The first Regional Competence Center for children with prenatal alcohol/drug exposure in the Nordic countries is proud to host this exciting cutting-edge conference for the first time in Norway. The conference will bring together clinicians, academics, educators, non-governmental organizations and charities, legislators and politicians, lawyers and individuals involved in the criminal justice system, birth and adoptive families together with individuals who themselves have FASD. The aim is to increase knowledge and awareness, and to help promote the understanding of FASD in Norway, the Nordic countries, Europe and internationally.

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17th Annual International INEBRIA Conference

woensdag 22 september 2021 t/m vrijdag 24 september 2021

Brief interventions can play an integral role in addressing the burden, harms and societal costs associated with alcohol use. However, there is limited uptake of brief interventions in culturally diverse and low resource settings. This necessitates a critical appraisal of what we have achieved until now as a field, and debate and discussion on the next steps for brief interventions in specific cultural contexts. We anticipate that the conference will provide an opportunity for practitioners, implementers, academics, policy-makers, and various other State actors to influence the agenda for brief interventions. Our ultimate goal is to change the way we conceptualise addictions care particularly in low resource settings. Goa, India

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7th Global Alcohol Policy Conference

maandag 11 oktober 2021 t/m donderdag 14 oktober 2021

Based on the present uncertainty about the development of the COVID-19 pandemic globally, we are postponing the Global Alcohol Policy Conference and this will now be held in Cape Town to 2023 as an in-person event. The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance Virtual Event 2021 will be held in the same week, 12-13 October 2021, and this will have interactive sessions in different time zones. Key-note presentations will be complemented with comments from a panel of regional representatives. As a consequence of postponement of GAPC2021 there will be no abstract submission and concurrent sessions.

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Webinar: Handreiking gemeenten voor studenten en middelengebruik

maandag 11 oktober 2021

Op een constructieve manier samenwerken aan alcohol- en drugsbeleid voor studenten: in Rotterdam lukt het. Alle belangrijke partijen zitten aan tafel: onderwijsinstellingen, studentenorganisaties, studentensport, de instelling voor verslavingszorg. De gemeente heeft daarbij een coördinerende en verbindende rol. De pilotfase is sinds eind 2020 voorbij en er wordt nu enthousiast aan de uitvoering gewerkt. Op basis van de ervaringen in Rotterdam schreef het Trimbos-instituut voor gemeenten de Handreiking studenten en middelengebruik. Andere studentensteden en hun samenwerkingspartners kunnen daar hun voordeel mee doen. In deze sessie inspireren we je door aan de hand van de handreiking te laten zien wat je van Rotterdam kunt leren en wat de samenwerking je kan opleveren. Daarnaast geven we je de kans al een stap naar de praktijk te zetten, voor je eigen stad. Deze sessie is interessant voor gemeenten, instellingen voor hoger onderwijs, lokale studentenorganisaties en instellingen voor verslavingszorg die zoeken naar samenwerking.

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Webinar: Introductieweken

maandag 8 november 2021

Evelien Mettivier Meijer - Preventiewerker Jellinek Utrecht Hoe creëer je een goed beleid rondom alcohol en andere drugs tijdens de introductieweek? Wie betrek je hierbij in jouw studentenstad? En op welke manier kan de instelling voor verslavingszorg je hierbij helpen? De start van de studententijd is een belangrijke en kwetsbare periode, voor zowel de onderwijsinstelling als de student zelf. Onderwijsinstellingen en Introductiecommissies hebben in toenemende mate oog voor de rol van alcohol of andere drugs. Tijdens deze sessie wordt de samenwerking tussen Jellinek, de HU en de UU toegelicht. Aan de hand van voorbeelden gaan we met elkaar in gesprek. We verkennen met elkaar hoe we nog beter kunnen samenwerken rondom dit thema!

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14th EPH Conference - Dublin, Ireland

woensdag 10 november 2021 t/m zaterdag 13 november 2021

Theme of EPH Conference 2021 is: Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth : A Sustainable Future for Humanity. The conference will be held in the Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland. More information on the programme, registration and accommodation will follow. Organization: European Public Health Conference.

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5th European Harm Reduction Conference

woensdag 10 november 2021 t/m vrijdag 12 november 2021

We are proud to finally re-announce the 5th European Harm Reduction Conference. Together with our Czech and European partners, we are currently constructing its exciting programme. With the out role of test and vaccination strategies in Europe, you are invited to a most probable face-to-face meeting in November. Join us and unmute yourself in the safe and pleasant environment we thrive to guarantee with all necessary measures. In case of unforeseen developments and a worst-case scenario that might urge a re-cancellation, registration fees will be refunded, and sessions will be transferred to an online format. Never the less, we optimistically hope to welcome you to Prague!

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14th Annual Conference, hosted by the Drug Policy Program of the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE)

woensdag 17 november 2021 t/m vrijdag 19 november 2021

On behalf of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP), we would like to announce that our 14th Annual Conference, hosted by the Drug Policy Program of the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), will be held in Aguascalientes, Mexico (dates to be announced). This annual event is of interest to academics in the field of drug policy, as well as policymakers and decision-makers interested in drugs and drug policy. The ISSDP is working in partnership with the IJDP, the official journal partner of the 14th annual conference. The 14th ISSDP Scientific Committee looks forward to receiving proposals in response to its call and will be more than happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties.

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Mentale gezondheid en Middelengebruik Studenten – uitkomsten van de landelijke monitor

maandag 13 december 2021

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